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A Game of Courage, Wisdom and Deceit

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In ZANZIAR mighty heroes lead their allies and armies through battle and adventure towards the final victory: the domination of the land of ZANZIAR.

When up to six players step into the roles of these heroes the quest for the domination of ZANZIAR may begin. In the world of ZANZIARancient legends whisper of heroes mighter than entire armies and rumors abound of fabulous magical artifacts and strange mystical events. In the ravaged and war-torn realm the rules of the wolrd seek for salvation and hope - at least for their own people.

Verlag: Dragon Dawn Productions
Alter: ab 12
Spieldauer: 120-180 Min
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Regelsprache: GB
Spielegenre: Strategie, Taktik
Spieler: 2-6

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