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Although the world might not need another Waterloo game it's going to get one. This game represents an attempt to take a different approach to the famous battle.

The uncertainty of battle is handled by quite sure when the enemy is going to be able to react to your maneuvers. If you leave your infantry out of position then they will be vulnerable to cavalry charging out of nowhere. You must apply the principles of battlefield comand to do well in this simulation, making sure that your forces support each other and that you have reserves able to step in to hold the line or exploit a gap.

The units are represented by custom made wooden pieces, to make this visual feast as well as a cerebral one.

The rules are in English and contain numerous examples. This is not a game for the beginner, some experience of board wargaming would be of use. Game contains 109 custom made wooden pieces and 127 other wooden pieces. This is a limited edition print of 1.500 copies.

Verlag: Warfrog / Treefrog
Alter: ab 13
Spieldauer: 3 h
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Sprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Regelsprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Spieler: 2
Autor: Martin Wallace
Internetlink: http://www.warfroggames.com

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