Item number: FG100

Requires the WARRIOR KNIGHTS board game to play.

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In the war-torn land of WARRIOR KNIGHTS, the conflict is far from over. In CROWN AND GLORY, players are challenged to not only become King, but also to retain the crown in the face of opponents' challenges. Barons may now gather knowledge in order to purchase powerful advancements in medieval science and technology. A new mission variant gives each Baron a secret agenda that, if fulfilled, will turn the tides of battle. A variety of new troops are also introduced, including defensive Garrisons, dispensable Town Levies, and powerful Mercenary Leaders. New Action, Assembly, Event, and Fate cards all create a more exciting and diverse game experience. The brave will fight, the weak will fall, and one will rise to claim the crown and the glory.

Verlag: Fantasy Flight Games
Alter: ab 12
Spieldauer: 2-4 h
Altersgruppe: Erwchsene,Familie
Sprache: GB
Regelsprache: GB
Spielegenre: Strategie
Spieler: 2-6
Autor: Corey Konieczka, Bruno Faidutti, Pierre Cl+quin, (Derek Carver)