STRATEGY & TACTICS Number 230 - US INVADES JAPAN!, english edition

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Sept/Oct 2005 issue CONTENTS: 1.) Operation Downfall & Allied Airpower: The Proposed Air Campaign Against Japan, November 1945 - March 1946. Had Japan not surrendered in August of 1945, the Allies were prepared to launch an amphibious and air invasion against the Home Islands (by Brian Todd Carey) 2.) Japanese Planning for the Defense of Kyushu - Many means to but no end (by Ty Bomba) 3.) US Planning for the Invasion of Kyushu - Many means to but one end (by Ty Bomba) 4.) Plan Orient: The German High Command's Plans to Link-up with the Japanese in India. Could the Axis have conquered Eurasia in World War II? Both Germany and Japan prepared for their armies linking up somewhere in India or the Middle East (by Warren Robinson) ...

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