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During the nineteenth century a web of steel was created around the world. Men, money and vision built the railroads that made the modern world possible. Nowhere is this more evident than in the United States of America. The coming of the locomotive give America the means to exploit her wealth of natural resources, transforming her into a world power. It is the construction of America's railroads that is represented in STEEL DRIVER.

You are an investment broker handling investment capital from America and Europe, with the opportunity to invest in AMerica's railroad companies. You must make the choice between short-term gains or long-term payoff. Investing in a company will give you control over that company, for the moment. How that capital should be spent is for you to decide.

Verlag: Warfrog
Alter: ab 11
Spieldauer: 60 Min
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Sprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Regelsprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Spieler: 3-6
Autor: Martin Wallace

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