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Roll the dice and create combinations to gain points. Or bluff to get some bonus points!

Sly Dice is a cunning game for 2 to 4 players where players try to get points either truthfully or by bluffing. However, beware - if someone exposes your sly actions, you do not get any points. Put on your most innocent expression and start rolling!

Game contents: 36 cards, 15 dice, 37 tokens, 4 shields, 1 score pad, game rules.

Aim of the Game: In Sly Dice each player tries to get as many points as possible by rolling various combinations. Each round players roll their dice trying to create any combination available on the table. However, the dice are rolled behind each player?s shield thus players don?t know what others have rolled. When rolling is done each player claims what combination he has, however the trick is that the player might be bluffing. Other players have the possibility to accuse any claims and depending on outcome some players will score points. At the end of the game the player with the most points becomes the winner.

Verlag: Brain Games
Alter: ab 14
Spieldauer: 45 Min
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene, Familie
Regelsprache: D, GB, F
Spielegenre: Strategie, Bluff
Spieler: 1-4
Autor: Jerry Hearle