MONKEYS ON THE MOON, english edition

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Scheme your way to glory amongst squabbling monkey tribes - second edition

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Shot into space and long since forgotten, six monkey tribes fiercely compete to advance their civilizations... Well, "civilizations" might be too strong a word for it - most of the tribes are still struggling with basic grooming. But they fiercely compete nonetheless. Fortunately you, the players, have better uses for your time. Leaving aside your squabbling tribe-mates, you've learned to repair the ships that stranded everyone on the moon first place. But who do you let on board? Some tribes do not get along, some monkeys wield greater influence than others, and some tribes simply can't stand the sight of you. The player who brings freedom to the most revered and influential monkeys will surely be proclaimed a hero back on Earth...

Verlag: Eight Foot Llama
Alter: 10
Spieldauer: 45-60
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene,Familie
Regelsprache: GB
Spielegenre: Karten, Taktik
Spieler: (2)3~4
Autor: Jim Doherty
sonstiges: 2er, Karten

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