MEMOIR '44 - Mediterranean Theatre, english edition

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mit englischer und französischer Regel

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This product is an expansion for the MEMOIR '44 boardgame, NOT A STAND ALONE GAME. It includes a complete British Army set including 42 British infantrymen, 24 Crusader tanks, 6 25-pounder guns and 3 anti-tank weapons. New rules including: the "Stiff Upper Lip" so common to the British Commonwealth Forces, the Motorized Divisions and "Artillery Bravery" of the Italian Royal Army, and a new class of embedded equipment pieces - the Special Weapon Assets! 44 new double-sided Terrain-tiles including: escarpments, ergs & ridges, coastlines, desert airstrips, HQ & supply tents, oasis, wadis ... Eight Historical Scenarios: from the tank desaster of Operation Battleaxe at Halfaya Pass to the relief of the Siege of Tobruk in Operation Crusader. Five scenarios cover the drawn-out engagement of Battle of Gazala!

Verlag: Days of Wonder
Alter: 12
Spieldauer: 30-60
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene,Familie
Sprache: GB, F
Regelsprache: GB, F
Spielegenre: Strategie
Auszeichnungen: International Gamers Award 2004 (for 2-player)
Spieler: 2-8 (teamplay)
Autor: Richard Borg
sonstiges: 2er