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More cheese Wallace?

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For many years the train gaming world has been waiting for a game about moving cheese in the Yorkshire Dales. That wait is now over! As a director of a small railway company who has inveigled investment money from guilible locals it's up to you to see if you can actually make a profit from building track amongst some of the most difficult terrain in England. There's stone to be moved from quarries, and cheese to be moved to market. You might also find the odd passenger who wants to travel to civilisation.

However, standing in your way is the local farmer who really does not want you to build on his land. Fortunately you can buy favours from the necessary government committee to deal with such irritations. You will need their second-hand engines to run on your lines. Finally, once you've sucked all of the profit that you can from a route, you must off-load it to a major train company before you are saddled with the losses.

The box should contain a colour mounted map, over 500 wooden playing pieces and a set of English rules. Plastic bags have also been provided to keep your pieces in. There are no foreign language rules in this box but you should be able to download translations from

Verlag: Warfrog / Treefrog
Alter: ab 13
Spieldauer: 3 h
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Sprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Regelsprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Spieler: 3-4
Autor: Martin Wallace

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