ILLUMINATI Y2K - expansion Set, english edition

Item number: SJ016

The Game of Conspiracy

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Why another set? Because we wanted 2 - OK? But believe us, you'll be glad we did! ILLUMINATI DELUXE EDITION is the perfect pastime for the bunker-bound survivalist. Even though the Y2K bug failed to knock civilization into a new stone age, you'll be able to use these 109 extra cards - and who knows when our computers really will turn on us? If it's next week, you're ready! While society reacquaints itself with the bow and arrow, you and your friends can hone your world domination skills and have a blast at the same time. Y2K inflicts another layer of weirdness on the already terminally weird. Add the likes of El Nino, Cattle Mutilators, Gamers, and 73 other fresh cards to your power structure. 26 new Special cards and 2 new Groups further the frenzy.

Verlag: Steve Jackson Games
Alter: 16
Spieldauer: 90
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene,Familie
Sprache: GB
Regelsprache: GB
Spielegenre: Strategie, Karten
Spieler: 2-6
Autor: Steve Jackson
sonstiges: Karten
Kritik: You'll need DELUXE ILLUMINATI to play.