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Jetzt wird HIVE noch spannender! Mit den Zusatzsteinen "Marienkäfer" für beide Spiele erhält der Klassiker HIVE eine völlig neue taktische Dimension und stellt auch HIVE-Profis vor neue Herausforderungen.

These pieces can be added to a standard HIVE set and are placed in the same way as other pieces. Once in play, the LADYBUG (MARIENKÄFER) moves three spaces, two on top of the hive then one down. It just move exactly two on top of the hive and then move one down on its last move. It may not move around the outside of the hive and may not end its movement on top of the hive. Even though it cannot block by landing on top of other pieces like the Beetle, it can move into or out of surrounded spaces. It also has the advantage of beiung much faster

Verlag: Gen Four Two Games (Gen 42 Games)
Alter: 9
Spieldauer: 20
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene, Familie
Regelsprache: D, GB
Spielegenre: Taktik
Spieler: 2
Autor: John Yianni
sonstiges: 2er

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