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A game about the history of Poland

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GOD'S PLAYGROUND covers the history of Poland from 1386 until 1795, from the wars against the Teutonic Knights to the final patition of Poland.

The game is specifically designed for three players, no more, no less. Each player takes the role of one of the three major noble families of the time. You have many minor nobles in your service, whom you will employ in your attempt to increase the wealth and power of your family. You must cut a careful path between self-interest and the needs of poland. Your country is surrounded by enemies waiting to invade. The Teutonic Knights, Swedes, Russians, Tatars, and Ottomans have mighty armies ready to fall on Poland if she is weak. Even the supposedly friendly Habsburg Empire is attempting to subvert your government to her own ends.

GOD'S PLAYGROUND is one of teh more complicated games to appear in the Treefrog Line and is not suitable for the inexperienced games player. Lots of dice are rolled, so if you hate randomness in the game then walk away now. However, if you want a taste of the ups and downs of Polish history, then this is the game for you. This game contains a set of English rules, a full-colour mounted map, and over 380 wooden pieces.

Verlag: Warfrog / Treefrog
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Autor: Martin Wallace
Internetlink: http://www.warfroggames.com

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