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GETTYSBURG is the second two player game in the Treefrog Line. Although it shares some ideas from the first game, WATERLOO, it also has many unique features. The simplified order system allows all three days of the battle to be fought to completion in three hours. The armies are represented by custom made wooden pieces. These are maneuvered across a map created by Peter Dennis based on an original map of the battlefield.

You must decide where to place your commanders to best order your forces. As the Union player you must first try to declay the onslaught of Confederate forces and then hold Cemetery Ridge. Meanwhile, the Confeferate player will be attempting to keep you off-balanced with his more mobile units.

Verlag: Warfrog / Treefrog
Alter: ab 13
Spieldauer: 3 h
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene
Sprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Regelsprache: GB, (D, F maybe posted to the Warfrog website)
Spieler: 2
Autor: Martin Wallace