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The new classic game of TOP FROG

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ABAGIO is based on variations of ancient games from around the world - with some fresh new ideas from the 21st century - ABAGIO is the brand new two-player-game that has been thousands of years in the making. This is a game of cunning moves and calculated risk with exciting twists and turns, right up to the very end! Easy to learn, challenging to master. The goal: Get your 12 frogs around the board and into the center pond before your opponent does. Leaping, heaping, or racing for the safe zone, you outsmart your opponent and make the most of each roll of the dice. With every new game you will discover subtle new strategies- each one is a step to the coveted title of ABAGIO MASTER. No testing on live frogs during development of this game.

Alter: ab 10
Spieldauer: 38 min
Altersgruppe: Erwachsene,Familie
Regelsprache: GB
Spielegenre: Würfel, Taktik
Spieler: 2
Autor: Autumn Moore, Michael Moore
sonstiges: 2er